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» Necessary Fiction on Family Heirlooms

“Family Heirlooms is the first of Zulmira Ribeiro Tavares’s ten books to be translated into English, an awesome accomplishment by translator Daniel Hahn and publisher Frisch & Co. Hahn’s excellent translation captures Tavares’s taut and vibrant realism, which eschews the avant garde philosophizing of Lispector and the spiritualism of Coelho in favor of a frank, conversational tone that belies its own complexity.”

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» An excerpt from Petri Tamminen's 'One of Those Difficult Feelings We Have'

“I couldn’t sleep. I went outside and sat in a garden chair. It was September, a mild night with no wind. A few minutes passed and I began to wonder how I must look sitting there at 12:30 at night. Did I perhaps seem strange? What if someone passed by now? Would this passerby wonder what kind of guy was sitting alone in the yard in the middle of the night? I sat up straighter. When that felt stiff, I leaned back and sought a natural position. I tried to find an expression with which I could meet the night passerby.”

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» Word by Word on Zulmira's Family Heirlooms

“Maria reminds me a little of the mother figure in Carmen LeForet’s Nada, attempting to retain her bourgeois respectability despite evidence to the contrary, though she never allows us to feel sorry for her, for she makes of her situation exactly what she wishes it to be and insists that everyone sees it her way too. She is indeed a survivor.

An enjoyable, thought-provoking read of illusion, deception, acceptance and survival.”

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» Frisch & Co. now accepting English submissions

Frisch & Co. was founded on the idea of making great fiction from around the world available to English-readers everywhere. We started with the place of keenest need, translated fiction, but what’s true of translated fiction—overlooked by most publishers despite it’s undeniable quality—is increasingly true of English-language literary fiction.

So, Frisch & Co. is happy to announce that we’re now accepting submissions of English-language literary fiction and poetry. Have a look around, and if you think your book would be a good fit for Frisch & Co.‘s list, please send a synopsis of your work, three sample chapters, and some brief information about yourself to

» Personal and Collective Unconscious: The Room a novel by Andreas Maier

“Like the remnants of the German traditions of the fatherland bastardized by world wars, J is shunned but tolerated ultimately fading from view when his mother dies. J dies shortly after his mother but his legacy does not disappear. The narrator believes as an “artist” that it is necessary to keep repressed personal and cultural emotions alive. J’s life and the history of Germany are what they are and guilt is not inherent in the records. The effort to “bypass” the personal and collective memories, as a bypass is constructed in Wetterau to divert Frankfurt traffic from the region, may only lead to an unsettled short term memory loss.”

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» Why I Publish Ebooks, or the Future of Literary Translation

It so happens that I’ve been publishing literature in translation for a few years, almost ten by now, and as with all other kinds of book publishing pursuits, though it’s made for a pleasant sort of life, it’s been a struggle—whether in trying to succeed with translated books at a larger publisher, finding allies in the internal, and eternal, fight for institutional attention, or at a smaller publisher, where simply maintaining forward momentum, feeling as though you can afford to continue to publish next month’s or next season’s books, let alone have the resources to find the readers your writers deserve, can feel like an overwhelming task. . .

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